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SUBANG JAYA (4th April): On 4th April 2018 marked another remarkable achievement in Cyber Security industry where TechnoDex Solutions Sdn Bhd had been appointed by ACE Accelerator Network Sdn Bhd to manage the placement the participants of the AsiaCyberX program. The program is the collaboration between Ace Accelerator, ACE Group and LE Global Services Sdn Bhd (LGMS) to propel Malaysia to become a major cyber security hub in the border-less realm of the Internet.

This program is to support the government request to produce 2000 data scientist as the country approaching 2020 and to assist in the transitioning of the new era of Industry 4.0 as mentioned by the Deputy Minister of Multimedia and Communication, Datuk Seri Jailani Johari. He stated that, in order to achieve the target, higher institutions and private sector should together support this high demand industry. Programs and collaboration about data especially cyber security specialization should be the top priority since the expand of digitalization and internet usage could open doors to many cyber crime activities.

AsiaCyberX is solely owned by ACE Accelerator Network Sdn Bhd and the mission is to identify undiscovered cybersecurity talent and tech companies with huge growth potential. This involved training of 240 cybersecurity talent recruited from eight universities where Ace Group also subside RM200 millions of investment in this program. The amount is just to ensure these talents will be placed to the real industry companies after they excel the whole program

Thus, TechnoDex Solutions will be the responsible party to place these excellent talents and supplied them to the respective companies that requires their expertise. They will work as security analysts who will prevent and mitigate security breaches and security managers needed to develop and implement overarching processes to keep information private. So, email us now to get the best talent for your company at